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Racer Profile
Oneal, ProCircuit, Mika Metals, Dunlop, DT-1, SPY, CNH Flooring, Storm racing, Knobby Shop South
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Individual Events
 Event Finish Summary 
2014 World Mini Grand Prix - 4/15/2014 - Glen Helen Raceway
 Class   Number   Brand     Moto 1   Moto 2   Class Finish   
 50 PEE WEE STK. 7-8   #7  COB     18th   14th   15th   
 50 PEE WEE MOD. 7-8   #7  COB     17th   17th   17th   
 50 SUPER PW Open 6-9   #7  COB     22nd   21st   22nd   
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